Maintaining Your Mental Health As We Step Back Out.

With the end of lockdown many are experiencing very mixed emotions, whilst other have been filling up there calendars with places to be and people to see and getting everyone we know involved in june 21st memes and booking festival, but there are many who are feeling overwhelmed with the task of picking life back up where we all left off. 

It has taken a whole year to adjusted and semi comfy to the new ‘normal’ (surviving) and now we are preparing to return to the old ‘normal’, whih isn’t the sort of normal we recognise at all or aleast haven’t meet with for the last 12 long months. When we consider the enormity of this milestone, of course it’s going to be really strange transition, there is nothing ordinary about going in or out of a pandemic. 

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But here’s something helpful to think about, is that we are finally reacquainted with these ‘precedented’ times, you are for sure entitled to feel confused, anxious and every other emotion inbetween. The lockdown switch won’t be the same for everyone and if ou have got to find you groove again gradually, instead of going from zero to hundred then so be it, do you!

As we’re getting bombarded with birthdays, wedding and making-up-for-lost-time requests, here is your reminder that it’s prefectly okay to set boundaries

It doesn’t make you a shitty friend, if you’re not falling over yourself to connect at every possible opportunity. If one on one walk is you living your best life, then keep on doing that. This is really not the right time to tet your friendships and push our pals to take on more normality then they’re ready for. 

With the carefree days coming just around the corner, we should totally celebrate and breathe a sign of relief with this breakthrough moment, whilst doing it with self-compassion and empathy, no peer-pressure or judgement. 

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Don’t Feel Pressured Into Going Back To ‘Normal’.

All of us have had different experience of lockdown. Some people have enjoyed opportunities to take a much slower paces of life and switching off, whilst other have found it extremely hard, being stuck inside and away from loved ones

It’s unreasonable to expect your friends, family of even yourself to thrust back into life at full speed after a strict lockdown. Take your time to transition back into the outided world and just ease yourself back gradually.

Whether your friends are all meeting up and going to restaurants and bars that have opened, don’t put loads of pressure on yourself, instead go out at your own pace. 

Seek Help If You Need It, Don’t Be Ashamed. 

The importance of mental health has been placed in the spotlight in the wake of COVID-19 and rightly so – hopefully it will go a long wa in remaining some of the stigma that unfortunately still exists.

If you are finding it really difficult and uncomfortable to open up about your mental health, then reminded yourself that the whole world has face the lockdown, so there are so man pepople who have probably experienced similar feelings to you – therefore you might find it easier to disscuss your emotions more than usual. 

Speaking other about your personal lockdown experience, including how you are feeling about going back to normal – there’s a good chance you will find others who feel the same why as you.

It talking to a non-professional isn’t helping and your finding yourself still continuing to struggle, then speak to a professional and please don’t ever feel ashamed. If you are struggling, seek the help you need it.

Focus On Your Wellbeing First Before Other. 

Thoughout the duration of the pandemic, much of the global message has been to help others by maintaining social-distancing, self-isolating (if you are symptomatic) and wearing face masks.

No that we have adapted to the new ‘normal’, it’s about time you start taking time to focus on yourself. Whether that means staying at home for a little longer and not jumping head first back into ‘real life’, or if you need to get out and see people that you haven’t got see in a really long time- do whatever you need to focus on your own wellbeing.

Remember to make yourself the number one priority. Simply, do what feels right for you and take everyday as it comes. Be kind to yourself. 

Keep Up Good Habits

Lockdown has definitely made us hit the reset button and allowed us to adapt new, healthy habits like; exercise or healthy eating. Don’t let post-lockdown reset you into bad habits. 

By reducing the amount of social media or new reports that your exposed too as a means of helping to deal with anxiety. If you are feelinh happier and less anxious, then maintain that goof habit too!

Coping With Post-Lockdown Mentak Health Issues.

Dealing with mental health issues is alwas tough, but may be even more challenging post-lockdown. You should alway remember that everyone’s mental health is different and a techniques that work for some may not work for you. The best strategy is to identify what is best for you as an individual –  tell close family or friends how you’re feeling and what you’re doing to maintain you mental health, so they can better understand and support you. 

Remember, that this at your own pace and be kind to yourself. You’ve got this!

How are you coping with post-lockdown? Feel free to share you experiences and techniques in the comments. 

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