Transform Your Living Space? With These 10 Simple Home Decor Ideas.

Now that it’s the beginning of March and spring is just around the corner, now is the perfect time if you are ready for a change and a little refresh to your living space. Of course here in the UK, the weather doesn’t always cooperate however, the anticipation of sunny days, can help to inspire some early spring decorating. As of now, spring starts in the next four weeks, so having a little spring refresh in your living space before then, will put you in good stead.

Try to stay away from anything that is specifically themed like easter, instead opt for plenty of happier colours such as; orange, yellow, lime, turquoise and greens. Swap out any wintery coloured curtains, and beddings, and `throw for spring colours that are light and bright. Sometimes, removing your heavy blankets and opening the windows to catch a warm breeze can make your home feel fresher. (Of course, the weather here in the UK doesn’t get warmer too often, so when it gets hotter enough to open the window, we have to make the most of it.)

There are plenty of small spring home accessories that you can add that will give your home a feel of freshness, also honouring the impending warmer weather. So here you go:

  • Add a springy colour candle holder: Place it on either the kitchen counter or on a coffee table/side table. Also, place a candle in the holder to create an instant spring feeling.
  • A large colourful scarf: Drap it over the back of an office chair or armchair, adding a pop of colour to your living space without overpowering the entire room.
  • Switch out your photos: Swap your plain black-and-white photos for coloured photos, giving your room a colourful and fun feel.
  • Have a table in your kitchen?: Why not add a bold table runner? It can add so much colour to your whole kitchen. Also, place simple filled vases or bowls, as it can keep things from feeling too crazy.
  • Botanical prints: Are great for an effortless dose of nature into your home. If you look a little deeper than surface level, you’ll be able to find inexpensive prints and frames.
  • Get your creativity fueled up: Get yourself down to Poundland or Hobby Crafts and grab a canvas. If you live in the US then, the 99 Cent store or Hobby Lobby is equivalent. Then create a showstopping artwork and hang it above your bed or sofa.
  • Bring the outdoors into your home: Add in a few plants. The nicest thing about adding some plants and greenery to your home will give your space a nice positive uplift. Moving around your flower pot or switching or even changing the style of a pot is so simple but effective.
  • Make ordinary details extraordinary: Lampshades, hardware and even shampoo bottles. When you constantly see the same accessories and hardware around your home every day, over time it can make your home feel a little boring and uninspiring. However, if you were to switch things up a little, like upgrading the lampshade/ceiling light shades or buying some reusable glass bottles with a pump so you can pour your shampoo into them – things like this can inject a dose of positive, inspiration and freshness in your home.
  • Refresh your soft furnishings: Why not embrace spring and transform your home by injecting colourful shades into your home decor? The best, simplest and most effective way is through updating your soft furnishings like cushions, rugs and throws. First, swap out your heavier fabrics and cooler tines for florals and pops of colour such as greens, pinks and yellows, plus lighter materials like linen. This will create a refreshing look and a cheerful environment for yourself and your guests to enjoy together.
  • Connect with nature: To ensure a seamless connection with nature, upgrade your garden furniture to woven materials such as wickers for sustainable addition to your outside areas.

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