What To Add Into Your Daily Winter Routine To Make You Feel Happy.

Winter Blues Are Real Thing.

When we have to deal with dark winter nights, snowfalls, extreme cold and a lack of sunshine, it can really become a bit too much. It’s not that uncommon to feel exhausted, unmotivated and a overwhelming desire to stay warm under the duvet covers. But even though it might be really hard, for majority of us, life just goes on. We have kids, jobs and life that needs our attention right?

Everyone has their own personal way with how they cope with the winter blues and at the end of the day, it truly depends on how you respond to different things Such as, i love going to the gym or catching up with netflixs series. 

When you find our moments of joy and happeniess furing the winter months, it is super important that you do just that, find what works to better your mental health! This time of year, you can easily find yourself falling into a funk especially soon after the christmas season when all the sparkles of the new year have worn off and reality of everyday life settles in.

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Really Ask Yourself What Will Bring Your Joy.

How can you include more into your daily routine? This is a question that you really need an answer too! The fact is, before you do anything you need to answer a few different questions to get an idea of ways to brighten your days for the rest of the coldest times of the year.

* What enviroment makes you feel cosier and happier? {Throw pillows, soft rugs, fairy light/twinkle lights, blankets, flowers.}

* What sort of activities helps you to unwind, feel less tense and also nurtures souls, mind and body? {Reading, yoga/stretches, watching films, cuddle up on the sofa.}

* What comforts you when you’re tired and cold? {Cosy socks, chunky blanket, heat pads, warm shower/bath, slipper, hot water bottle.}

By writing out a small list of things that give you joy into your daily routine, will help to point you in the right direction of feeling more comfort during these chiller winter months. Don’t be fooled, one a these many things wont instantly make you more happier, instead all of them put together. The more moments of happeniess throughout your day will make your feel overall more taken care of. It doesn’t matter what makes you feel good about yourself, just by introducing thing that contribute positively on your daily self-care

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4 Things To Add To Your Daily Routine.

Before i go head, i’m going to start by telling your that the best thing that you can do for yourself is, first going to bed early, take vitaimins (especially vitamin D3), do daily stretches and drinking plenty of water. 

Bed Time – Having and keeping to your nightly ritual can be the difference between you having the best night sleep or having the worst sleep in history. Around 30 mins to 1 1/2 hour before you head to bed, shut down all electronics (this includes your phone), have a warm shower or relaxing bubble bath, get into cosy pjs and get under your cosy duvet and relax. You could put on a flim/series or read a book. You dont have to these steps, you can find ones that work best for you but by doing a simple night time routine can help you switch off from the da and tranistion better into a restful state of a goodnight sleep.

* Tea Break – If you work from home, it can be sometime hard to switch off for a quick break. By scheduling in a pausing break into our day will not only break up your working day, but also give you chance to calm down your busy brain and stop it from burning out. Set asided 15-20 mins during your working day and just enjoy 1-2 hot cups of drink. 

* Candles Who doesn’t love a candle burning in the background and the lovely smelling scents, especially the christmas scents. As soon as the evening hits, light a candle and let it burn whilst your doing chores, such as folding laundary or washing dishes. The candlelight can definitely help you to zone out and feel more chilled.

There’s loads more other pleasures that you can make a point to indulge during this winter and that can help to cultivate happiness. Cups of hot chocolate, warm socks, muffins and a face mask. With still another to months to go, why not make your own list of way you can add some extra joy into your days. Just think warm, comforting, delicious and restful! Small things all add up and turn the colder days of winter into a little more bearble days. 

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