It’s Already Hay Fever Season! – Here’s Genius Hacks To The Pesky Pollen Allergy

It’s already hay fever season! – Here’s genius hacks to the pesky pollen allergy. Does anyone suffer from itchy eyes, runny nose and a scratchy throat? Well this will probably say “yes” you have hay fever and sorry to break it to you but this is only the beginning.

The biggest impact on how severe your hay fever with be, will depend on where you live also the temperature and plants of the region will make a difference too. The typical hay fever symptoms include sneezing, a runny or blocked nose, itchy red watery eyes or an itchy throat, mouth nose and ears.

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Here are a few daily preventation to help with hay fever symptoms:

  • Apply vaseline to the inside of your nose – it works a barrier and can trap pollen before breathing it in.
  • Allergy barrier – nasal spray is a great way to deter pollen. For you to really feel the benefits, try using it for at least two weeks before your symptoms usually begin.
  • Going in and out of the garden – wear sport style sunglasses to help prevent pollen from getting in and irriating your eyes.
  • Wash and rinse you face and eyes – reduce symptoms by rinsing your eyes with luckwarm water as regularly as you can.
  • Finished spending time outside – try make sure to have a shower to wash away stray pollen from your hair and skin, also put all your clothes straight into the wash.
  • Avoid hanging out your washing on the line – Pollen in the air can cling to your clean clothes and linger on the material.
  • Boost your immune system – hay fever is caused by the immune system reacting to pollen particles, so boosting your immune system can work to reduce symptoms.
  • Avoid drinking beer or other alcohols – research from a team of danish experts found that drinking alcohol increases the risk of allergic, so necking back a single pint can increase your chances of an allergic attacks by 3%. Also other types of alcohol have shown to worsen symptoms too, best to stick to the mocktails all year round.
  • A vitamin boost – increaing your intake with food is preferaable but there’s plenty of supplements available on high street too. Vitamin C is best, and not only is a natual antihistamine but it also contains bioflavanoids which acts as decongestant.
  • Drink more water – the more moist the mucous membranes of your nose are, increase your chance of getting rid of allergens more easily. Drink up and your nose will do all the hard work for you.
  • Get more sleep – hay fever sufferers who get seven hours or more sleep struggle much less with common symptoms than those who regularly slep less than five hours.

Your new best friend will be the Met Office

Always keep an eye out on the Met Office website daily, as the update the pollen forcast regular so you’ll be able to monitor and keep yourself up to date. You can also opt-in to receive handy push notifications via the app.

Keep trying and trying different hay fever products

The are load of hay fever relief products on the market, but find the right one for you can be very tricky, so if one type of medication doesn’t work for you then consider swapping to another one. If you need help choosing, go down to your local pharmacy and they will be able to suggest alternatives products.

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The timing is everything

There are certain times of the day where pollen levels are higher – typically the first half of the morning and later in the afternoon and evening – so make sure to take a one-a-day allergy relief tablet in the morning will help protect you when you need it the most. Midday is usually when the pollen levels are at there lowest, so take this opportunity to pop out to the garden for some fresh air and perhaps eat lunch, it will also help to get a healthy dose of vitamin D.

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