Feel Stuck? Here’s 5 Ways To Climb Back Out Of A Slump

Whether your feeling like your stuck in your personal life or your work life? Feeling like you want your life to just start over again? Don’t worry yourself, as you aren’t the own one neither will you be the last in feeling a bit stuck.

Feeling stuck can look like:

  • Find something exciting to do, and then talk yourself out of it and don’t end up moving towards it.
  • Really want a something – a relationship, new job or improved health – then lost the motivation to get it.
  • Constantly thinking about what could have been or what could have been different. Overthinking or worrying about what-ifs can rob you of being present and enjoying life.

Reasons why your may be feeling stuck?

Have you ever asked yourself the question “why do I feel stuck in my life?” Well, finding out the answer isn’t always easy. Here are a couple of scenarios when you might are wanting to move on, but don’t know how to.

Fear of outside judgement

It can be harder enough to make some decisions with the support of your network, but on the other hand, having no support can be a challenge becoming even more significant. Investing too much into what other people think or the negativity that they impose can mak your decision feel paralyzing.

Feeling lost and have no hope for the future

Our thoughts can be a powerful tool as they can send us in a direction we want or they can keep us pinned in one place. Negative thoughts can be very influential and can cause you to feel sad, anxious and unworthy. It can also be hard to move forward when you are grappling with negative thoughts and feelings.

Feeling overwhelmed or burnt out

Feeling overwhelmed cause of life circumstances/events or the pressure and stress of what the next move will be like. Whether these feelings have been caused by the past or what the potential future could look like, the overwhelming feeling can still be hard to overcome.

Constantly comparing yourself to others

Keep this in mind; “comparison is the thief of joy”. By comparing yourself to others can make you feel like you have fallen short in life which can cause you to feel unhappy or unworthy. Instead, compare yourself to yourself – see what your growth, potential and future are.

Go outside of your comfort zone

Going out of your comfort zone can give you a big boost in confidence, but staying within your comfort zone can make you feel stuck or uncomfortable moving forward.

How to get yourself unstuck?

There are plenty of ways that can help you unstuck. The following, are a couple of ways that help to get out of a rut:

Find what you truly want in life

Feeling stuck can be caused by something in your life that’s not going right, but when you notice these feelings and allow yourself some time to clarify what you want to be different.

Ways to identify what you want:

  • Create vision board
  • Determine what values you are wanting to live by.

Change your perspective

Remember negative thoughts don’t have to hold all the cards, but self-awareness and conscious effort can change your inner choice.

Things to think about that might change your perspective:

  • How will you feel about this situation in a week/three months, three years?
  • How else can you see this situation?
  • What advice would you give to 18-year-old self?

Move your body

Finished up a busy work day with a stiff neck and shoulder, cos are you aware that tension and stuckness can sit in your body. But you’ll might be happy to know that exercise can do wonders to better your well-being.

Different ways to get moving:

  • Go for a long walk
  • Do some stretches – neck, shoulders and arms
  • Take part in a quick yoga class.

Set a decision date

To allow yourself a clear mind, first, you must set a date when you can re-evaluate your situation and allow yourself to focus on the present issues until then. Give yourself the chance to fully commit to what you’re doing without the extra, unnecessary weight that causes you to question yourself and your future.

Rest, recharge and focus on self-care

We all have times when our lives can become challenging, but always keep in mind that you are responsible for your well-being – YOU make the decisions! Whether that having a good diet, a healthy sleep pattern and social plenty.

Here’s a few suggestions for self-care:

  • Create a gratitude list
  • Got bed eariler
  • Take a mental health day – a day for just you and your mind
  • Step away from technology, including social media

What not to do when your feeling stuck

When your feel sh*t already, the last thing want to do is to make the whole situation worst by saying to yourself that you shouldn’t be feeling this way or that you need to do better. Instead, what you need to be doing is reducing any extra stress and start caring less/worrying when certain things arise. Things to keep in mind, when you are feeling like you should be doing better:

Try not to blame others

Okay, so we don’t live in a vacuum and sometimes other people’s decisions and actions can directly impact our lives, but dwelling on them isn’t very productive. Therefore, if you’re in a situation where you can give others the benefit of the doubt, it could ultimately improve some aspects of your personal and professional life. But still, remember not to let people walk all over you can and only give people the benefit of the doubt if it’s going to benefit you in the long run.

Never doubt your ability to handle your decisions

Feeling stuck and can’t seem to decide between two options? Don’t be too hard on yourself with having to choose the right decision. And to be truthful, you won’t know if the decision is right until after you’ve committed to the decision. You might find that committing to a decision could make you feel better about yourself and a little more confident compared to staying in the limbo of indecision – you’ll have the opportunity to move forward with the self-belief that you’re able to handle what is next. Believe in yourself and trust your gut!

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