An Easy Meal Planning Guide.

Meal planning really feels like you super grown-up. Showing that you have really got you sh!@t together. Cos not only do you know what your having for dinner ~but also~ what night too. When i first heard about meal planning, i thought that it would be so much hard work…but actually it can be bloody fabulous! Cos who wouldn’t want to spend more time watching movies and less time in the kitchen.

My New Years Resolution.

I hope you’re all had a great christmas and got everything you wanted! But now the christmas celebrations are coming to an end and New Year being just around the corner. Some of you may be thinking about 2018 life choices or what you didn’t quite manage to start. And here’s where New Year’s resolution is the perfect time to start thinking about making smarter life choices or taking up new opportunities!

Turning twenty-four! It’s My Birthday.

HELLO, how the hell has another year been and gone so fast. I can barely keep up…so yess today is my birthday. Twenty-FOUR!!! I must say that have really surprised myself, as i;m very happy to be twenty-four…but i’m not going to lie that turing twenty-five next year doesn’t sound too peachy…But hay, that another 365 days away!

Christmas Gifts That Are Under £10.

Hiya! It;s that time of the years where you start buying christmas gifts for your love ones. Each year it seem to be getting harder and harder! So, if your already got all of your gifts, then you are defiantly one step ahead for me. Since i’ve been finding it hard, so i though in today’s post i would tell some ideas for gifts that won’t cost a lot.

Easy and Simple Cinnamon Rolls Recipe.

Even thought i’m not an expert in baking, i still tired to have a go. Plus i love to eat cinnamon roll! So i thought i would go ahead and try to make them myself. A little while back i spotted the recipe on pinterest and found it to be easy and simple to follow. There wasn’t loads of steps..

What’s In My November Birchbox.

Now that winter is just around the corner. Ensuring that your skin stays hydrated and moisturised, does become pretty difficult. But who would have thought it? A monthly subscription beauty box that contain 5 skincare products which are perfect for dehydrating your skin from those harsh winter days….

The Prefect Funfetti Cake.

I love to bake new style cake. So when i spotted this funfetti cake a little while back on Pinterest, i knew i needed to give it a go. I love how fun and colourful that looks with all the sprinkles. The Cake is also prefect for both adults and kids , so great for birthday or special occasions!




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