Ways To Boost Self-Confidence

For years, I have always had issues with myself-confidence – especially with how i think other people think about me. I’ve tired to tell myself don’t be bothered about what other’s may think, but can find that to be really hard. I’ve somehow got this image of what a perfect life should look like. I.e. nice house, expensive car and have nice holidays. But can that really make you happy. The answer is… probably not! What i find that makes me truly happy, is to spend as much time as i possibly can with family and friends. 


Makeup Products To Cover Blemishes

Since i was a teenager, i have been extremely insecure about  my skins appearance…especially my face. The main reason for my insecurity about the appearance of my face is that i suffered acne. And now i have been left with very dark and noticeably blemishes and scars. Over the years, I’ve probably tried well over 25+ different foundations and concealer [including, budget price brand and more highly priced brand], in order to find that one product with will hide  every scar and blemish on my face! 


University Life Whilst Living At Home!

After finishing my A levels, I choose to study Computer Networks Engineering at The University of Northampton. But i had a very difference experience compared to the usually uni life. The reason being, is that I made the conscious decision not to move away to Uni, but instead to stay at home and commute to and from uni lectures. Look back on my decision was probably one the best decision that have ever made [ i know not everyone can do this or that it’s just not for them ]….still don’t get me wrong, it was still the longest and hardest three year of my life; including having my fair share of the highs and lows from a very intense work schedule!


University Myths vs Facts

Hello 🙂 I hope you are all okay? It’s a little over a year since i graduated from uni, but back when i was just about to head off to uni, i found thought out going to be one of most daunting experiences of my life to date. But throughout my studies i found it to be the most rewarding and life fulfilling. I also found a lot of my worries, fears and expectations to be untrue! So in today’s post, i thought i would help by distinguish a few of the myths from the truth.  


It’s All About The Stripes…

Right…let’s talk about stripes, stripes and more stripes [can you tell i love stripes!]. If your like me, a very boring shopper that only goes for plain  clothes items. Having a bit of detailing such as an embroidered slogan, can make all the difference to an outfit. So today i want to show you a couple of new purchases that I’ve gotten, and for me these are quite a statement piece….