5 Way’s To Kept Yourself Relaxed

After a long of working, you probably just want to relax and let go of all the pressures of the day. But are you that person like, and find it even harder to unwind? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Your might even find that your home isn’t allow you to just relax or even you want to get a head start on tomorrows workload.


University Life Whilst Living At Home!

After finishing my A levels, I choose to study Computer Networks Engineering at The University of Northampton. But i had a very difference experience compared to the usually uni life. The reason being, is that I made the conscious decision not to move away to Uni, but instead to stay at home and commute to and from uni lectures. Look back on my decision was probably one the best decision that have ever made [ i know not everyone can do this or that it’s just not for them ]….still don’t get me wrong, it was still the longest and hardest three year of my life; including having my fair share of the highs and lows from a very intense work schedule!


University Myths vs Facts

Hello 🙂 I hope you are all okay? It’s a little over a year since i graduated from uni, but back when i was just about to head off to uni, i found thought out going to be one of most daunting experiences of my life to date. But throughout my studies i found it to be the most rewarding and life fulfilling. I also found a lot of my worries, fears and expectations to be untrue! So in today’s post, i thought i would help by distinguish a few of the myths from the truth.  


It’s All About The Stripes…

Right…let’s talk about stripes, stripes and more stripes [can you tell i love stripes!]. If your like me, a very boring shopper that only goes for plain  clothes items. Having a bit of detailing such as an embroidered slogan, can make all the difference to an outfit. So today i want to show you a couple of new purchases that I’ve gotten, and for me these are quite a statement piece….


Spring Makeup

Now that the winter days have been and gone [hopefully for good now, until it’s time for autumn!] and with the days being longer, brighter and hotter, it’s a very long over due change up to your makeup bag. Around this time of the year i tend to introduce more lighter and neutral colours for a more simple, natural look.


My Summer Wardrobe Favorites

Winter has seen have been going on what seems like forever. As one minute it feels like summer, the next the winter. Plz, is there any chance for a little consistency, cos i’m so over it being cold and wet!


My New Years Resolution

For years now, I have always set myself a few goals to accomplish for the year. I see becoming fixated on working hard and giving 110%, to make sure that goal can be achieved….But by fixating yourself isn’t healthy.