Author: leanne

Keeping Skin Moisturised This Season

I know a little late to the party but i still wanted to post a blog about different moisturisers that will keep your skin hydrated throughout the winter months. Due to environmental changes and central heating out skin can feel sensitive, dry and dehydrated. Whilst we switch up our wardrobes to adapt the different seasons, our skin and haircare routines are often go unchanged when they would benefit from a seasonal switch up. 

The Gift Guide – The Stocking Fillers

Ahhh, today’s will be our last gift guide! And it will be all about the stocking fillers. They might be little presents but are usually that ones that will mean the most. Whether you are making one for your mum, dad, bf, gf or whoever is lucky enough to receive one! I’ve put together lots of favourites which hopefully will make the Christmas shopping a little easier. 

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