14 Ways To Enjoy The Most Miserable Month Of The Year

We might be caffeinated, vaccinated and fresh outlook on life, that doens’t excuse the fact that january scares so many of us – don’t mind the tiredness, sadness, hairiness and being skint. This time of year can be the most miserable and we try to get into the spirit of things. Quit with the self-loathing for the 31 days, as we have nothing without being committed. Here is 20 ways to most miserable month of the year.

4 Things To Consider Before You Rent A House

Knowing where to start isn’t alway easy. The real estate market is a really competitive and  experensive place atm. The prices of home are increasing every day, and the demands for is even greater than ever before – meaning people looking for home are struggling to find what they like and within their price range. 

4 Ways To Help You Manage Your Finances

Learning how to deal with your finances from a young age is super important. Managing and dealing with money is a really big reponsibility, and it really sad how schools fail to provide young people with the knowledge with how to properly manage their finances. It might not be something that you have to worry about too much as a teenager or young adult, but as soon as you get a job then you will need to know how it all works.

Random Facts That You Didn’t No About Me

It’s very rare that i ever shared personal facts about myself on my blog, but i really want to share doing it more often. As a blogger it can hard to find the fine line between share your personal experiences and oversharing. I consider myself as a private person, and i only tend to share private parts of my life very few selective people. So todays post is going to be very short and sweet, but hopefully a conversation starter and get to know each other a little bit more!