Exploring The South Of France

FLASHBACK FRIDAY! So hey, let’s turn back to 2011. This family trip us exploring the south of france. Unfortunately one of our last holiday together as a family before our life changed forever – which is a whole another story that i may go into at a later date.

5 Important Life Lessons That I’ve Learnt

Here are 5 important life lessons that I’ve learnt, that i wish someone had told me when i was younger. Cos over the years I’ve always put so much pressure on myself. I’ve alway  really wanted to achieve everything all at once. As well as have that picture perfect life. Unfortunately that isn’t realistic.Yeah, having a nice car, house or even a healthy bank balance is nice and anything. But doesn’t make you happy and fulled!

Tips For Nervous Flyers

Here’s tips that can help nervous flyers. As holidays can be extremely stressful, even before your flight. But being nervous about flying – traveling can be even more stressful! – this could end up making your holiday much less enjoyable. 

Ways To Boost Self-Confidence

For years, I have always had issues with myself-confidence – especially with how i think other people think about me. I’ve tired to tell myself don’t be bothered about what other’s may think, but can find that to be really hard. I’ve somehow got this image of what a perfect life should look like. I.e. nice house, expensive car and have nice holidays. But can that really make you happy. The answer is… probably not! What i find that makes me truly happy, is to spend as much time as i possibly can with family and friends. 

My Top 5 Packing Tips And Tricks

You may already know that i love going on holiday. There’s nothing better than getting to explore new destinations, all whilst enjoying a well-earned break. But what don’t particular like about the whole holiday experience is packing! and i’m sure a lot of you will agree?!

My Best Traveling Tips

I love to travel. It’s so fun to explore new places and experience new challenges. But don’t get me wrong, i am no expert traveler. I’ve certainly experience my fair share of travel mishaps.

Makeup Products To Cover Blemishes

Since i was a teenager, i have been extremely insecure about  my skins appearance…especially my face. The main reason for my insecurity about the appearance of my face is that i suffered acne. And now i have been left with very dark and noticeably blemishes and scars. Over the years, I’ve probably tried well over 25+ different foundations and concealer [including, budget price brand and more highly priced brand], in order to find that one product with will hide  every scar and blemish on my face! 

How I Stay Organised….

Organisation is a great of keeping on top of things! I love that feel that you can only get when you start to tick off from your to-do list. I’ve recently started is to try and stick to 5 simple steps, that are easy for  to maintain over a long period of time.



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